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How Do Reels Work, And What Are The Main Symbols Of Slot Machines?

Each time the reels stop spinning, the symbols also stop, and random sequences are thus generated. Depending on the pay lines that you have configured before playing, you can check your combinations and win one prize or another or, in the case of special symbols such as scatters, access certain game modes. When you play slots, surprises are always around the corner!

Introduction to the reel mechanism

The reels are the key mechanism of the operation of slot machines. Each slot can have a different number of reels. For example, early slot machines, such as the Liberty Bell created in the late 1800s by Charles August Fey, had only three reels and a winning line on which three symbols appeared. On the other hand, current slot machines have up to five reels, which makes it possible for the possible combinations to be greater and that with them, the possibility of winning different prizes or progressive jackpots is also greater.

When the reels stop spinning, the symbols stop in a random position, and depending on the winning lines chosen; you can win a larger or smaller prize. With the five-reel slot machines, the symbols distributed on the winning lines now add up to five in the case of a single winning line, thus increasing the combinations that may appear. Some casinos have also experimented with nine-reel slots, but the sheer number of combinations and pay lines has made the end result in less fun than that obtained with five-reel slots, which have been crowned players’ favorites.

Main differences between analog and digital reels

Today’s slot machines are mostly online slots, although there are still remnants of the past in the form of analog slots with physical mobile reels. Next, we indicate the advantages that each experience brings. Features analog reels :

  • Retro effect: reminiscent of lifelong slots
  • Mechanical operation: they are operated by pulling a lever that is normally located to the right of the slot machine
  • Traditional graphic representation of symbols.

Features of digital reels:

  • Experience the game more exciting and varied
  • Slots with all the advantages of digital technology (immediacy, complexity, speed, etc.)
  • Innovative graphic representation: the symbols that appear are limited by the imagination of the developers.

What are the classic symbols of analog and online slot machines?

The most emblematic slot machines are characterized by certain sets of symbols that make them immediately identifiable. The symbols that have set the pace of slot history are those that can still be found today on mechanical as well as digital slots with a retro twist:

  • The two red cherries
  • The Bell (a tribute to Liberty Bell, the name of the first slot machine)
  • The BAR inscription (inspired by the Bell-Fruit Gum Company logo)
  • Number 7

These are the best-known symbols, but also most of the symbols representing the different fruits are related to the history of slot machines. Since symbols of this type were adopted from the beginning, it is possible to find the representation of fruits of all kinds, from grapes to watermelons, without forgetting oranges and lemons. Also, slot machines can include traditional symbols taken from card games: A, K, Q, J, 9, and 10.

Modern slots, meanwhile, offer a wide range of symbols with appearances based on the central theme of each game in question: the fun is also in discovering the main elements of the chosen slot machine and getting fully into the narrative adventures it offers. In any case, with both classic and modern symbols, the operation of the slot machines does not change: depending on the selected winning lines, the position of the symbols will determine the outcome of the game.