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Basic Rules: Things You Should Not Do When You Play Roulette

There are some 4d live rules that you should know when playing roulette: for example, the dealer must communicate the phases of the game before starting the game and trust in the dealer himself is essential, since the management of the game depends entirely on him. There are also some rules that must always be respected:

  • You can’t stop the wheel when you feel like it
  • It is not allowed to move the wheel to reverse
  • The ball cannot be moved during or at the end of the round
  • You cannot move the chips or change the bets if the expected results have not been given in the game

Roulette colors and numbers

Roulette differs from other games by the peculiarity of its appearance: the spinning wheel and the table are characterized by specific shapes, numbers, and colors, partly responsible for the charm of this game. First, each wheel is divided into sectors: depending on the variant being played, the numbers from 0 to 36 or from 00 to 36 may be present. Each number is assigned to a precise and fixed box whose color is red or black. The table is generally bright green, although there are darker versions and even made of precious black or brown woods in the most luxurious casinos.

All about red and black

Not all gd lotto live roulette is based on randomness: red and black have been linked to the casino and gaming tradition for centuries; They are the same colors in which the suits of the French cards are made (hearts and diamonds in red, spades and spades in black) and characterize part of the games well. Easily distinguishable and recognizable, it is easy and allows you to immediately understand if you have been lucky in the round or not, in all the types of roulette that exist. As for the ball, it has always been white: initially, it was ivory, but today it is made of resin or Teflon.

All about roulette numbers

One of the most reassuring facts in roulette is that the probability of a number coming up is not infinite: In-game numbers usually start from 0 (or double 0) and go up to 36. Each number has a specific color that never changes during the game: as you can see, it can only be red and black or green in the case of 0.

Red and black always alternate, but the numbers are not ordered from 0 to 36, but are randomly ordered. In internal bets, the numbers can be considered individually, in external bets; however, they can be considered in two ways, as explained below:

  • First mode: the wheel is considered divided in half, between the first section (1-18) and the second section (19-36).
  • Second modality: the numbers are divided into three categories, between the first dozen (1 – 12), the second dozen (13 – 24), and the third dozen (25 – 36).